About the Lanman Museum

Housed within Framlingham Castle, the museum’s collection originated as the collection of the late Harold Lanman. The main objective of the Lanman Museum is to collect and maintain artefacts relating to the life of Framlingham and its environs (within a 5 mile radius) over time. Although the bulk of the collection from Harold Lanman’s estate relates to the 20th Century the Trustees have endeavoured to collect artefacts expanding the time frame either by donation or purchase.

Entry to the Museum is incorporated in the entrance fee to the Castle so is accessible to all Castle visitors. Additionally the Museum collection is available to researchers on local history by appointment. If you wish to make an appointment please see our Contacts page.

Special events are held for the local community and artefacts lent for local exhibitions. Local schools are also made aware of the collection.

For information about how the Museum is run, see the Governance page.

About the website

As well as describing the Museum, this website gives a sample of what can be found in the Museum.  Many of the pages have pictures of objects in the museum, and in most cases clicking on an image will show a larger version.  Use the browser “back” function or button to go back to the page.  Try it on the images below.

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