Donations to support the Museum

The Lanman Museum is run by an independent charity (not part of English Heritage, who manage Framlingham Castle in which the museum is located).  It was set up in 1957 to preserve and display artefacts associated with the town of Framlingham over time.  Nearly 100,000 visitors walk through and view our museum every year.

The museum is managed by volunteers, and we rely on donations to help cover our costs.  We are currently trying to raise funds to pay for some new environmentally-protected cabinets for our exhibits. Up to now, we have relied on cash donations in the museum (in the donation box, which is the old Post Box by the end door). 

If you have visited the museum and found it worthwhile, or would like to support the Museum and website, please consider making a contribution.  You can scan the QR code on this page to connect to a website on which you can make a donation, or go directly to QRpay.

Very many thanks  –  Lanman Museum Trustees

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