Help for search

Search looks through all object records in our collection, and looks through every field in each object record to find a match. Because search looks in every single field, sometimes it may include objects you don’t want that happen to contain the search string somewhere in the record.

You can search for a single word (e.g. castle) or a phrase (e.g. “Framlingham Castle” contained in quotes).  Records containing the word or exact phrase are found.

If you enter multiple words without quotes, search will find any record containing any of the words.  Searching for framlingham castle will find all records containing framlingham or castle (or both) anywhere in the record.  The words might be found in different fields in the record.

You can also enter multiple words with AND, OR and NOT (in capitals).  For example, searching for Framlingham AND castle will find records containing both framlingham and castle anywhere in the record, not just where the two words are next to each other.

For more information and more complicated examples of how to search see eHive search tips.

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