Framlingham Then and Now

The museum contains displays of old photographs or drawings of Framlingham, paired with modern photographs of the same location. (They are not always pairs: sometimes there are two new photographs and one old one or vice versa.)  The historic photographs are from a variety of sources, the “modern” photographs are mostly from the “Framlingham Photo Project”, a photographic record of life in Framlingham consisting of some 3,000 photographs created in 2011.

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The remarkable thing is how little the buildings in central Framlingham have changed in 120 years. A number of shops even sell the same goods. There has been a chemist in the shop at the top of Market Hill for 140 years, the Crown Hotel is still there (alas, many of the other pubs have gone), Garrards hardware store is still there (it became Bridges and Garrard and is now Coopers Hardware Store), and the Post Office in Riverside is virtually unchanged externally from when it was built in 1909. The price of stamps has gone up a bit, though.

Many more old photographs of Framlingham can be found at