Museum News

  • Fresh flowers

    The daffs and narcissi of the Spring are now a distant memory, and the narcissi on the top banner of this website have been replaced by roses!

  • Lanman Stewards’ Outing 2024

    This year’s Stewards’ Outing on 10th May was to the Suffolk Punch Trust at Hollesley. This is a chance for all the Lanman Museum volunteer stewards to meet and have a fun time out. Refreshments were provided. Many thanks to Olivia Clear for arranging this.

    If you would be interested in helping as a Museum Steward for the occasional morning or afternoon (2 hour sessions) please see here.

  • New cabinet for Henry Thompson exhibition

    With help from Framlingham Town Council, we are getting a new secure, environmentally-protected cabinet for the display of items from Sir Henry Thompson. Sir Henry was a 19th Century surgeon from Framlingham who operated on (and was handsomely rewarded by) royalty. He was an expert in multiple fields: see here for more information.

    There are a number of Items from Sir Henry in the Lanman Museum, including two Faberge items. However, without a secure cabinet we have not been able to display them. We hope to have them on display soon.

  • Stewards wanted!

    Can you volunteer a small amount of time to help the museum? See here for more information or contact Olivia at

  • Spring

    Spring has sprung on us. Perhaps poured on us? With the arrival of March, the first Spring flowers have appeared around the Poor House in the castle.

    A cluster of narcissi has grown on the website top banner, too.

    (The website top banner lost its narcissi in May. Sadly, no flowers last for ever. They were replaced with white roses.)

  • Regal Cinema clock

    The museum has acquired a clock from the former Regal Cinema. Not the prettiest clock in our collection, but a memorable part of Framlingham’s cultural history!

  • Pictorial Tour of the Museum

    There is now a pictorial tour here.

  • Christmas 2023

    Snow is not forecast over the holiday, but we’ve put some pictures of Framlingham in snow on the front page, and a suitably snowy banner.

    The Castle (and hence the Museum) is closed on Christmas Day, but is open for the rest of the week and New Years Day. Thereafter, during the Winter season, the Castle and Museum are open Saturdays and Sundays. See Framlingham Castle opening times.

    (Now Christmas is past, neither the pictures nor the snowy banner are on the front page, but are below.)

  • Museum accreditation

    We’re pleased to announce that after a long process (and much hard work) the Lanman Museum has renewed its Arts Council accreditation. The museum is recognised as up to full national standards, which is required for any grant application.

    See the accreditation certificate.

  • Framlingham Pageant 1931

    A new page has been added about the Framlingham Pageant of July 1931.