Art and Photography

See also the Framlingham Then-and-Now collection, and the Framlingham Historical Photo Archive.

The Lanman Museum has far more pictures than can be displayed in the museum.  This link takes you to a search of pictures in our collection (both those on display in the museum and those currently in store). 

The Lanman Museum collection contains many paintings and prints local to Framlingham including some by notable local artists. There is also a booklet on display showing the work of many well known artists that have painted or sketched Framlingham castle including: John Constable, John Nash, Phillip Wilson Steer, John Piper, Joshua Kirby, Charles Knight and John Sell Cotman.

Leonard Squirrell  1893 – 1979

Two works on permanent display are by Leonard Squirrell and Joseph Standard and show views of Framlingham Castle.

Leonard was born in Ipswich. His talent for drawing was noted early in his life. In 1908 he entered the Ipswich School of Art and later studied at The Slade School of Fine Art in London.


Squirrell preferred painting with watercolours and pastels and he also produced many aquatints, mezzotints and drypoint pictures at which he was extremely skilled. He won several gold and silver medals for print making in International Exhibitions.

One of his favourite subjects was Framlingham Castle; this painting has recently been conserved and restored for the Lanman collection. His drawings and illustrations were extensively used commercially including on railway tourist posters.

Leonard lived in Ipswich for most of his life and was lecturer at Ipswich School of Art. He continued to paint into his last years.

Joseph Stannard  1797 – 1830

Joseph was an English marine, landscape and portrait painter born in Norwich. He was a talented and prominent member of the Norwich School of painters. In 1816 he joined a rival society in Norwich, which lasted only a few years. He was influenced by the work of the Dutch masters.

His own important painting, Thorpe Water Frolic, Afternoon, was first exhibited in Norwich in 1825 and can be seen today in the Colman Gallery in Norwich Castle Museum. He was mainly inspired by the Norfolk countryside and coast which he enjoyed exploring.

He was an excellent oarsman and a skilled ice skater; crowds would gather to watch him perform on ice.


A view of Framlingham Castle in late afternoon golden light painted by Joseph Standard in about 1820 is a fine example of his skill as a watercolourist and is one of the highlights of the Lanman collection.

A collection of some of the Lanman’s paintings and drawings is shown on the end wall of the museum.